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Commanderie de Bordeaux

á Phoenix, AZ 


Our Chapter schedules dinners (called Parlements from the French verb parler - to talk) to enjoy, discuss and learn more about the wines of Bordeaux.


Parlements are held at outstanding local restaurants and clubs whose executive chefs design and pair multiple courses to complement the Bordeaux wines provided from the Chapter cellar. Typically, there are 4-6 Parlements each year.

Dinners usually have a core theme such as a vertical (multiple vintages of the same label), or a selection of wines from a specific appellation like Margaux or Saint-Émilion. Sometimes comparisons of the same vintage from the Right and the Left Bank might be organized.


The discussion involves both an evaluation of the wine and how it pairs with the food courses, as well as exploring other nuances of Bordeaux wine. 

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